VANCOUVER -- Wildlife officials captured a cougar in the backyard of a home early Friday morning just northeast of Interstate 205 and Mill Plain Boulevard.

The homeowner near Northeast 117th Avenue and Fourth Street heard his dog barking, looked out his back window and spotted the 135-pound female cougar in a tree.

The cougar was shot with a tranquilizer round and hauled away in a blanket. It wil be released later Friday on national forest lands. Wildlife officials said they had received several calls earlier in the day about a cougar but were unable to find it.

Cougars have a large home range, they range about 100 square miles, Murray Schlenker of the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife told KGW. Those animals can come and go. They can get moved around if they're too young or too old if they get pushed out by more mature or physically fit animals.

When they get into an urban setting like this, he added, there's a lot of pet food that gets left out and they can make a pretty good living in this kind of setting.

A recent cougar sighting in Lake Oswego led to a school lock-in.

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