PORTLAND -- Auto dealerships are on a roll. Sales in April were the best in six years.

It was a great start to the spring buying season. The age of the average car owner s vehicle, plus an improving economy, is driving folks into dealerships and showroom floors in droves.

Sales jumped for Ford by 18 percent, with car sales leading the way. For Chrysler and General Motors, sales went up 11 percent from last quarter.

Toyota was the only automaker that saw a drop. Its sales went down one percent.

At Braley and Graham GMC-Buick in Beaverton, a million-dollars-plus remodel is a good indication the auto has turned the bend.

We've seen an increase month after month for the last six or seven months, said general manager Terry Olson. Our last three months, the first quarter of 2013, is the best quarter we've had in four years.

Dealers are happy with the products coming out of Detroit. Better gas mileage, better dependability and more smart technology is all helping to drive sales.

Given the sales pace at this point in the year, industry wide sales could reach or exceed 15 million vehicles this year. The last time sales reached the 16 million mark was in 2007.

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