PORTLAND -- Portland designer Michelle Lesniak was announced the winner of season 11 of Project Runway Thursday night.

Lesniak made a fantastic comeback on the show and won a coveted spot in the finals, getting the chance to showcase 12 of her designs during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City.

She joins three other Portland-area designers who have won the design competition. (More than New York or Los Angeles).

Portlandians are really ok about being themselves, an excited Lesniak told KGW Thursday evening at a viewing party at the Baghdad Theater. We don't follow trends, we start trends!

We first met Lesniak a few months ago, shortly after Season 11 of Project Runway started. When KGW interviewed her, Lesniak kept a very good poker face, never once hinting at the fact, that she made it to the finals or that she had won.

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She did reveal one secret to KGW last February.

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When there's a big, huge, multi-million dollar contract hanging over your head and you have $14 in the bank account, that confidentially really keeps you, mum, the 34-year old said with a smile.

Win or lose, Lesniak s popularity on the show has already boosted her business. She can t keep her product on local store shelves. It s something the designer is very excited about.

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