PORTLAND - Running-wise, the quick three-mile jog through Portland Monday night was no big deal for a crowd of marathon enthusiasts.

More than one person Monday night came to the Fit Right locations in NW Portland and the one in Vancouver not just for the running, but also for a sort of therapy.

I m feeling a sense of resiliency and looking forward to the recovery, Melissa Fryback said. A week after the bombings, Fryback isn't angry like she was.

And the nightmares aren't like they were either. She was reunited Monday with another friend who ran in Boston.

Others, like herself and Jon Mathiesen were first-timers in the big race. What a year to pick.

We were about three blocks away at the next train station at Arlington and heard the explosions, he said. If my kids had gone there, it might have been more of a chance for my wife to hang out at the finish, of course hindsight is 20/20.

A week ago, Rose Logan Surgeon heard the explosions and immediately thought of her friends. Everyone in her crew was okay.

The independent Running Retailers Association held events like these all around the country. Many of them selling T-shirts that benefit One Fund Boston.

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