Here are some comments that have come into KGW via social media, about runners from the Portland area who were at the Boston Marathon when the explosions hit:

A Tweet post from Portland Olympic runner Kara Goucher: Please pray for the victims of the explosion. Please pray for safety.

A Facebook post from Oregon Olympic runner Shalane Flanagan: My family and I are safe. Thank you for your concerns. Devastating.

A Tweet from KGWproducer Rich Kurz who just got done running the marathon: There have been tons of cops and ambulances heading there ever since. I heard the explosions and saw the plume of smoke from about two blocks away.

A Facebook post from Oregon runner Ty Pete: The explosion was right at the finish line. Cell phone calls aren't working but texting is. I am safe and my friends that I traveled with are also safe. Prayers to those hurt. The only good thing is that there were hundreds of medical people very close the immediately help those hurt.

According to the Boston Athletic Association, there were 351 Oregonians registered to run, and 527 Washingtonians.

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