VANCOUVER Police in Vancouver unveiled a new website that puts suspects faces online and asks the question, Can you ID me?

The website went live Monday and the very first person that police put on it called on Tuesday to turn herself in.

The site currently features the photo of a woman accused of stealing handbags from a department store and also two men who are suspected of burglarizing a condo complex a year ago.

Police plan to update the site often with new suspects.

The public seems to support the concept.

I think people realize it takes a community to take care of itself and you know, police can t do everything, said Vancouver resident Bill Schwartz. With resources being limited like they are, we all need to take care of taking care of ourselves.

I think it s a good idea, why wouldn t it be? That s what we re here for, to support our local police. We can t do that if we don t give up the names of the criminals causing ruckuses and mayhem in our communities, added David Mendez Cantu, also of Vancouver.

Vancouver and Portland have long used the Internet to ask for help with major crimes and suspects, but this marks the first time the city has posted pictures of lesser crimes.

Organizers said so far, it s working well.

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