GRESHAM -- A bicyclist reports she was attacked March 12 during her ride home on the Gresham Fairview Trail.

Shyla Osborn rides along the trail every day, making a 22-mile, round-trip commute from Portland.

The day of the attack, she noticed two teenage girls on the side of the trail. BikePortland reported that she was in the Rockwood neighborhood between Stark and Glisan streets.

Osborn said one girl lunged at her, while the other girl hit her in the head and shoulder with a branch. The blows cracked her helmet.

So where she got me, the helmet saved me from really getting, well, I don t know, I don t want to think about what it would have been like if I hadn t been wearing it, Osborn said. It s strange to have an injury and realize wow, somebody did that to me on purpose.

She said during the attack, the teens didn t take anything or talk to her, they just ran off laughing.

Osborn works with at-risk youths in a Rockwood neighborhood school. She doesn t know her attackers but thinks it may have been a prank. She filed a report with Gresham Police, but so far no one has been arrested.

I really want to reach out to them and have a conversation about why did they do this and why did they think it was okay, she said.

The Gresham Fairview Trail connects to the popular Springwater Trail.

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