PORTLAND A new study released by the Outdoor Industry Association found that visitors spend around $12.8 billion a year in Oregon.

This money benefits hotels and restaurants as well as Oregon s many outdoor clothing companies, including Nike, Adidas and Columbia Sportswear, which outfit the visitors before they venture outside.

Outdoor activities are the number one reason that people come to Oregon or that Oregonians themselves get outside, said Ron Parham with Columbia Sportswear.

Outdoor tourism creates 141,000 jobs in Oregon, with an annual payroll of $4 billion.

Read the study (pdf)

Officials with Travel Oregon said the state has also begun targeting new markets to invite more visitors here, including China, Australia and New Zealand.

We know for a fact that every dollar we spend on advertising generates $163 in visitor spending. That's a fantastic return on investment, added Judiaann Woo with Travel Oregon.

From the Oregon Coast, to the mountains, the desert and everything in between, Oregon offers a wide variety of outdoor activities.

These perks have created a big draw for not only out-of-state tourists but local travelers as well.

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