OAK GROVE, Ore. -- Some neighbors in Oak Grove have become the latest victims in a rash of break-ins over the past month.

At least nine parked vehicles had their windows busted out, and at least two people had their garages broken into just in the past week.

Investigators said the crime spree happened sometime before dawn Wednesday morning.

It s too bad we don t have the money to protect us little people on little things and they go through and try and find fingerprints so they can pin them down, said victim Don Raines.

Raines has lived on the same street for the past 50 years and always felt safe. He said the thieves hit two of his vehicles, even though there was very little inside to steal.

The same was true across the street, where the thieves busted into a garage, to break into the cars.

Clackamas County Sheriff's detectives said people with tips should call to help investigators.

In the meantime, they were also increasing patrols in the area in case the thieves come back.

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