SALEM Oregon lawmakers are deciding on a bill that bans self-checkout of beer and wine.

House Bill 2398 was introduced by Rep. Bill Witt (D-Clatskanie.) It says stores may not sell or dispense cigarettes, tobacco products as defined in ORS 323.500 (14), alcoholic beverages or over-the-counter or prescription pharmaceuticals to a consumer through the use of a self-checkout device.

The bill would call such sales an unlawful trade practice.

The United Food and Commercial Workers union is concerned that grocery clerks could lose their jobs if underage buyers sneak through the self service checkout isles.

However, the Northwest Grocers Association said there has never been a single clerk in Oregon fired in connection with liquor being sold at a self-service isle.

The self-checkout system already has a lock up feature that's triggered whenever beer or wine is scanned.

The Oregon measure is modeled after a similar law that was passed in California less than two years ago.

KGWReporter Wayne Havrelly contributed to this report

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