PORTLAND -- Debbie Swigart has owned and operated the Saunte Wellness Center in Lake Oswego for a little more than a year. It was not until recently that she reached out to Sharing Spree on behalf of her employees.

The girls at work here are independent contractors, said Swigart. It was a way for them to build their business and clientele.

The idea did not work. Sharing Spree is like Living Social and Groupon. It offers a deal and vendors like the Saunte Wellness Center get a percentage. That did not happen in this case.

It's very frustrating and sad for the girls because these girls are working very hard, said Swigart. To save reputation they have to honor these gift certificates.

According to Swigart, SharingSpree owes her and her employees about $6500. They have yet to see a dime.

It comes as no surprise to Katie Maclaskey. She contracted withSharing Spree to get more women into her Happy Valley and Lake Oswego Adventure Boot Camp. Maclaskey never saw her part of the agreement with Sharing Spree. She and her partner are out $700.

It's way more than a money thing, said Maclaskey. I don't want other businesses out there to suffer or people to continue to purchase the deals they have up there.

Both Maclaskey and Swigart tried contacting Sharing Spree owner Ron Sapp, but he never responded. NewsChannel 8 tried reaching him on their behalf. Sapp told NewsChannel 8 that he is aware of the situation and looking for a solution.

I want to see the guy go down, said Maclaskey. See him get what he deserves.

It's really sad that they're still running, added Swigart. That's the part Iwould love to see stopped.

Swigart and Maclaskey are not the only business owners upset. The Oregon Attorney General's office has received several complaints about SharingSpree.

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