WOODBURN, Ore. -- A man was pulled over Saturday morning for speeding on Interstate 5 in a Nissan made to look like a patrol car, police said.

A deputy was in the process of writing a ticket for another driver along I-5 near Wilsonville when he saw a car with flashing lights on its dash speeding past him at about 80 mph, said Don Thomson of the Marion County Sheriff's Office.

It was changing lanes and driving around vehicles that appeared to be yielding to the car's flashing lights, Thomson said, adding that as the car passed the deputy, the driver looked his way and suddenly turned off the lights.

A light bar attached to the car's windshield was similar to those used by police, but the lights were amber and white, rather than blue and red. There were also flashing blue LED lights attached to the car's grill.

The car was pulled over near the Clackamas/Marion county line and the driver was identified as James Winfrey of Vancouver, Wash. His 12-year-old son was in the passenger seat. He told deputies he was following some friends and the group had separated.

He claimed he was only using the lights to help him catch up to his friends. He said the lights were usually used only for display at car shows, Thomson said. Deputies found no evidence that Winfrey was attempting to pull over cars to contact drivers and falsely represent himself as a police officer.

He was arrested and later released with citations for reckless endangerment, disorderly conduct and other traffic violations.

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