WASHOUGAL, Wash. -- A deer rescued near Washougal after an area homeowner spotted her wandering with an arrow stuck in her face appears to be doing well back in the wild.

Carol Wilmot said the doe and her offspring have been visiting her rural Washougal yard every day since she moved in a month ago. She was horrified lastSunday when she saw the mother deer had been shot with an arrow right through her face.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife officers were able to find the deer, tranquilize her and remove the arrow on Tuesday. Then she was re-released back into the wild.

On Thursday, Wilmot snapped new photos of the deer, which she shared with KGW. The deer seemed to be recovering well in the photos. (See photo above.)

Wildlife officers said they kept the arrow as evidence to try and track down the person who hurt the deer. It is not currently deer-hunting season, so the person responsible could face up to two years in prison and $5,000 in fines, if convicted.

KGWReporter KeelyChalmers contributed to this report

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