WASHINGTON, D.C. -- What was that conversation like?

It was a question on the minds of many when a photo from Tuesday's State of the Union speech showed Pink Martini leader Thomas Lauderdale seated next to hard-rocking gun advocate Ted Nugent.

Lauderdale described the seating arrangement as totally unexpected.

But in a post on the popular Portland band's Facebook page, he detailed what he described as an incredible conversation.

We talked about hunting in Texas (where he has lived for the past 10 years) and Michigan (where he grew up), wrote Lauderdale.

He said he learned that Nugent was musically inspired by Dick Dale growing up, and later by the British Invasion bands of the mid-60s like the The Yardbirds and The Rolling Stones.

I asked him if he did USO tours, wrote Lauderdale, who found out Nugent only tours in summer, and is probably the only celebrity who carried his own machine gun.

Lauderdale added, parenthetically: Shockingly, I don't have a machine gun of my own.

They also talked about this year's Grammy Awards, which Lauderdale says Nugent thought were too 'bubblegum' and childish.

Lauderdale also found out Nugent's favorite composition - Fred Bear - which Nugent told him people ask for at funerals, bar mitzvahs, and graduations. It doesn't get more 'wow' than that, Nugent told Lauderdale.

At the end of the night, he shook my hand, and wished me luck. I thought he was a real gentleman, wrote Lauderdale.

For me, it was really amazing moment to be able to talk to somebody who has a completely different set of opinions than me, Lauderdale told KGW. I just find that fascinating and interesting and also an opportunity to hear somebody hear somebody else s experiences that are entirely different than mine.

I just wanted to communicate that for all of those people who dismiss Ted Nugent outright, that things are never so cut-and-dry ... or black-and-white.

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