BEAVERTON, Ore. -- A first-of-its-kind basketball training facility in Beaverton has become so successful, its owners plan to add two more locations.

'Shoot 360' is designed to help young players perfect their shots and improve their ball handling skills.

Every shot you re taking, you re getting objective feedback which you won t get in the driveway, explained owner Kirk Hendricks.

Cameron Cedillo, 12, comes from Sherwood to shoot before games. This is my favorite place right now. You can get 600 shots in before you play a game, he said with a grin.

The players get instant feedback from the hoop - telling them the arc of the ball that just left their hands.

The perfect shot has a 45-degree arc. These high tech hoops measure the angle of entry into the basket and also the distance, remarked Hendricks.

The technology also helps build muscle memory once a player finds the right position.

Cameron s Mom, Lisa Cedillo said Shoot 360 has been a game changer. He s swishing a lot more 3 s in his games, so it s made a big difference.

The Beaverton location opened in the spring and has more than 300 members paying $50 to $60 a month.

Owners plan to add locations in Clackamas and Vancouver.

The facility also offers ball handling advice and technology.

My dribbling wasn t as good at the beginning of the season but it s gotten a lot better, said Will Spitznagel.

The young player learns by mirroring the moves of an experienced player on video. Each player s level is first determined by an evaluation with a ball containing a computer chip.

Along with the technology, there is also a human touch.

Coaches roam between the ball handling booths and 6 high tech hoops offering tips as the young players work to build confidence on the court.

We want them to walk out of here feeling six inches taller, concluded Hendricks.

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