PORTLAND - Tigard Police were investigating a suspicious substance found in a public dog park.

Investigators said something resembling antifreeze was found earlier this week in a dog bowl at the park located at the Ash Avenue Dog Park.

The bowl had been hidden behind a culvert. Patrons of the dog park have disposed of the substance and removed any trace around the bowl, police said.

But that was after one dog already got into the bowl. 'Lily' was taken to the vet by her owner on Sunday.

Antifreeze is a deadly poison for animals.

Christian Rajotte said vets detected trace amounts of the chemical and Lily stayed for two days while her system was flushed. The dog was recovering Thursday.

Pet owners have been patrolling the area to look for anything suspicious, along with bringing their own water.

Police did not say if they suspected anyone of committing a crime in the case.

KGWReporter Katherine Cook contributed to this report

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