VANCOUVER -- Concerns over a group of nearby sex offenders spurred the residents of one Vancouver neighborhood to get a school bus stop moved.

Neighbors were concerned about more than a dozen registered sex offenders, living in the same block.

A low-income apartment complex is home to several Level 2 and Level 3 sex offenders. Law enforcement agencies contend that at least the offenders are registered, and they are easy to check on when they re concentrated in one location.

But they also understand the concerns that parents and residents have for the safety of neighborhood children.

The sex offender thing bothers me horribly, said Maplewood Association Chair Cyndi Powers. I want to protect all those kids, and I d just stand over them myself if I had to.

Powers said she and others are working with their neighborhood police officers, and with local landlords, to find ways to limit potential problems.


KGWReporter Tim Gordon contributed to this report.

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