BATTLE GROUND -- A student at Prairie High School in Battle Ground has been expelled for bringing a gun to school.

Principal Jason Perrins told parents that the student brought the gun to school on Jan. 11 and that the 19-year-old student was arrested off campus on Wednesday following an investigation.

Perrins referred questions to the Clark County prosecutor's office. He sent the following automated message to parents:

Good evening, this is Jason Perrins, Principal of PHS.

I am calling to inform you of an incident in which a student brought a concealed handgun to school. Several students reported the incident to PHS authorities. The student was immediately expelled under the school district s provision for emergency expulsion. At no time were any threats made to students or faculty.

Following an investigation by our School Resources Officer, the student was arrested at his home today. The weapon was secured and the student was transported to Clark County Jail. Weapons on school property, whether on a person or in a vehicle, are a violation of state law and district policy.

The student will not be returning to Prairie High School.

I want to express my appreciation to the students who came forward and all our students who help us keep PHS safe. We are very proud of our students for realizing the seriousness of weapons being brought to school.

Thank you

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