VANCOUVER Police hit a man with a Taser after reports he violently attempted to rape a woman in central Hazel Dell Thursday evening, deputies said.

At around 8 p.m., a woman fled after a man tried to rape her in her home near the 8300 block of Central Hazel Dell Avenue, said Sgt. Duncan Hoss with the Clark County Sheriff s Office.

According to deputies, 40-year-old Joshua McKnight of Portland met the victim earlier in the day, and gave her a ride home.

The Vancouver Columbian reports the victim offered to make McKnight dinner and after some conversation he allegedly attempted to kiss her.

She reportedly refused, and his behavior became more violent. McKnight is accused of repeatedly strangling the woman before she was able to fight him off and run to a neighbor's house for help.

Deputies learned McKnight was seen leaving in a white Jeep-type vehicle, which they then spotted and pulled over, Hoss said.

He then got out of his vehicle and advanced towards the deputies. After refusing to follow directions and appearing intent on assaulting them, deputies hit McKnight with a Taser, Hoss said.

McKnight hit his head on the pavement while deputies were securing him, so he was taken to the hospital and treated before he was taken to jail.

McKnight was booked in the Clark County Jail on charges of attempted rape, assault and robbery.

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