PORTLAND -- Renowned guitar player Jennifer Batten had her favorite guitar stolen from her car on East Burnside Street Saturday night.

Batten was upset over the loss of her treasure, but on Tuesday, she got word that someone had found it and wanted to return it to her.

The Washburn JB 100 with a rendering of the Masai tribe was covered with signatures of her fellow guitar players, including Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin.

Batten gained acclaim as a guitar player for Michael Jackson, appearing on his monster-selling albums Bad and Dangerous. She now lives in Sandy, Ore.

The one-of-a-kind prototype guitar was taken when her car was broken into outside the Casa Del Matador restaurant at 2424 East Burnside Street.

A couple spotted the guitar right by the restaurant.

I happened to look up and we unzipped it and there you go, there s your guitar, said Kathy Hiles.

Kathy and her husband Randy live just down the street. They were walking their dog when they spotted the bag next to a retaining wall. They saw KGW's story about the stolen guitar and put two and two together.

It took some web searching to track down Batten, who tweets via @mondocongo, but on New Year's Day they returned the prized guitar to the rightful owner.

I cannot say enough about these guys. There are no words. So many people would have not put in the effort, said Batten.

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