CLACKAMAS, Ore. -- A dog that had fallen over a cliff in Clackamas was missing for three days before his owner found him Wednesday evening.

The owner of the pit bull heard him barking and spotted him about 15 to 20 feet down an embankment. She called for rescue crews when she realized she would need help reaching the dog, said Brandon Paxton with Clackamas Fire.

The dog slid down the hillside another 10 to 15 feet before rescuers arrived, moving further out of reach of his owner.

Crews arrived and set up a technical rope rescue system to lower a rescuer over the edge to assess the dog for injuries and condition, Paxton said. After making contact with the dog on the side of the cliff, rescuers were able to escort the dog to a waiting rescue boat where 'Chico' was then taken by boat to Riverside park and reunited with his owners.

He appeared to be tired, but was not injured, Paxton said.

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