VANCOUVER U.S. Marshals arrested the second suspect wanted in connection with a kidnapping, robbery and attempted murder on Nov. 28 near Vancouver Lake Park, police said.

Pedro Godinez Jr. was arrested by agents in Grandview, Wash. and booked into the Grandview Police Department Jail. He and will be transferred to the Yakima County Jail, said Sgt. Scott Creager with the Vancouver Police Department.

Hunt on for 2nd suspect in Vancouver shooting

On Nov. 28, the victim of the attack managed to walk about a mile through the forest for help, covered in blood, until he found some people who were able to come to his assistance near Kadow's Marina in Vancouver.

Surveillance video from the marina shows the man staggering across the street and then pleading for help.

Raw video: Shooting victim searches for help

Investigators said the victim told them he went to east Vancouver, where he was kidnapped. Then, the suspect took him to Vancouver Lake Park where he robbed and shot him before stealing his car

Vancouver shooting victim staggered 1 mile for help

On Nov. 30, 22-year-old Joanna Speaks of Vancouver was arrested with the help of the SWAT Team and booked in the Clark County Jail on charges of attempted murder, kidnapping and robbery, Creager said.

Godinez will be taken to Clark County to appear in court.

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