PORTLAND -- Police are warning of holiday thieves who may just steal right off of your front porch.

Kelly Shafer was looking forward to a special delivery, a gift for her mother. She had a relative decorate a purple and gold wreath thrown in with some 'W' uniform sock monkeys for a proud Huskies fan.

My mom is a big university of Washington fan and she also has sort of an obsession with sock monkeys, Shafer said.

Shafer wasn't at her home when the delivery came but a crook was. And Shafer didn t even know the package had been swiped until she saw this note greet her on her front door Tuesday afternoon.

Then I remembered 'oh my gosh,' it s my mom s wreath and I was just sick, Shafer said.

A Good Samaritan left a note describing the thief who took the gift right off her porch

I don t know if he was following the ups truck or scanning neighborhood for packages on porches, Shafer said.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who like to play Grinch this time of the year and go out and steal packages off people s porches, nevermind it might be a sweater someone knitted or cookies someone baked and not an iPad or plasma screen TV, Sgt. Pete Simpson with the Portland Police Bureau said.

Simpson said when you're expecting your packages this holiday, use a tracking number and check when it is scheduled to arrive. Request that your package is marked signature required or have items shipped to the delivery company for pick up.

Fortunately, Shafer's relative is making another handmade wreath for her beloved mother.

It s just the perfect present for her. I had to tell her today, surprise, you re getting this delivered and it s going to your house now,' she s thrilled to get it, Shafer said with a smile.

Shafer says she s not going to have anything delivered to her house from now on. She hopes police will find the thief so he won t do it to other people.

A Good Samaritan described the suspect as a middle-aged, white man with reddish and brownish hair. He was seen driving away in a black Lexus.

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