PORTLAND - As folks gear up for the holiday shopping season, an Oregon environmental watchdog group is pushing for stricter laws when it comes to toxins in toys.

Trouble in Toyland report detailing toxins in toys

When it comes to identifying hazardous toys - some things are clear. If it has small parts, it could be a choking hazard. But, what are not clearly visible are the toxic chemicals that could be hidden inside toys.

Chemicals like phthalates that are often used to make plastic soft and flexible and have been shown in lab tests to affect brain growth.

This week a public safety group released its Trouble in Toyland list. The report a Dora the Explorer backpack as having concerning levels of phthalates that under Washington state law would require a warning label.

Now, the Oregon Environmental Council is pushing for a similar disclosure law in Oregon.

We're asking manufacturers to disclose to health authorities when their products contain these chemicals so that we can start tracking the way children are exposed and what the potential health risks are, said Jen Coleman, Outreach Director with the Oregon Environmental Council.

The group hopes stricter laws will encourage toy manufacturers to stop using the chemicals altogether.

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