PORTLAND -- A new study from Germany shows men getting a certain hormone may be less likely to cheat.

The research is getting a lot of attention but a Portland Naturopath doubts the study.

It doesn t take into account what happens with the men once they leave the lab or what s happening in their minds, explained Dr. Ken Weizer at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center.

The hormone is oxytocin.

It s been called the kindness hormone since our bodies produce it when we cuddle or when women breastfeed their babies.

Some of the 86 men in the study were given oxytocin in a nasal spray while others received a placebo spray.

Results showed the men given the oxytocin who were in relationships stayed a farther distance away from unknown, attractive women.

If you need contentment and you need to not cheat you should find another way besides putting oxytocin up your nose, remarked Dr. Weizer.

The hormone is already available online for about $30 a bottle. It s marketed as a way to improve your mood and love life. Dr. Weizer has a warning about adding more oxytocin to what your body already produces.

We know very little about it as a replacement. It s not like getting the new IPAD. That s proven technology. You don t want to be on the cutting edge when it comes to hormones, he concluded.

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