PORTLAND Ducks football fans are starting to dream big, for a national championship season. The undefeated team is now in second place in the BCSranking and number one in the APpoll.

The University of Oregon Ducks store was bustling mid-day Monday, and fans were talking about the potential of the Ducks going all the way, and winning the BCS National Title game in Miami January 7th.

A father and son shopping at the Ducks store didn t want to jinx the so-far perfect season, but said they were allowing themselves to consider a championship scenario.

We win out and win the national championship game and I don t think it matters who we play I think we ll beat em, said Oregon Alum Tom Sullivan.

His son Joseph was thinking the same way, but also picking a favorite championship opponent.

I d love to play Notre Dame and just beat them - That would be something else! Because you wanna talk about getting into the football elite, you take Notre Dame down with all the hype that they ve got, said Joseph.

At Azumano Travel, they are starting to look at all the post season bowl possibilities, including everyone s favorite outcome: The Ducks travel to south Florida for college football s national title game. If that happens, Azumano said it will be a very popular travel and game package.

Well, it is the national championship game, so be it in LA, Phoenix, New Orleans, Miami -- they re going, said manager Ben Fredericks.

Fredericks said the travel package picture will be solidified after the Pac-12 championship game at the end of the month.

ESPN s College Game Day program comes to Eugene for the fourth year in a row this Saturday morning, before the Ducks take on Stanford at Autzen Stadium.

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