VANCOUVER, Wash ... Imagine waking up to find a complete stranger standing in your bedroom. It happened to Laurie McAtee early Saturday morning.

What Iheard was the flip of a switch and the light came on, said McAtee. I'm thinking, 'what are my kids doing?'

It was a kid alright, but not Laurie's. According to investigators,a 16-year-old, wearing only boxers, walked through an unlocked front door and right up to the bed where Laurie and her friend were sleeping.

We're like, 'you need to leave, get out,' and he instantly threw a punch, said Laurie.

The 34-year-old mother of three grabbed a bat, but it did little to no good. She said the teen pummeled her and her friend with what felt like super human powers.

There was blood on the walls, said Laurie. He got hit with a bat and he kept running and hitting and fighting.

Police reports suggest the teen ate mushrooms and smoked marijuana prior to the attack. He is facing two counts of burglary and two counts of assault.

He could've easily killed us or my kids.

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