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SWEET HOME, Ore. -- Three patrols cars and a Honda were totaled, and two other vehicles were damaged during a police pursuit in Sweet Home Wednesday, police said.

A 911 caller reported just before 9 p.m. that a man was preparing to shoot a deer in 25700 Old Holley Road, according to Linn County Undersheriff Bruce Riley. When confronted, the suspect then reportedly threatened to shoot the caller.

A deputy at the scene said the suspect, 34-year-old Joseph Arthur Williams, became agitated and sped away in his pickup, nearly hitting the deputy's patrol car. The deputy then learned there was arrest warrant out for Williams and his license was suspended.

Reinforcements were called in to pursue Williams, and during the chase he repeatedly stopped and put his car into reverse to ram the cars following him, Riley said. The pickup truck then totaled two patrol cars, pushing one of them into a third car and causing minor damage. Two officers suffered minor injuries.

He then drove away and tried to ram a fourth patrol car, but instead smashed into a parked Honda Civic, Riley said. The Honda was a total loss. The suspect sideswiped one more patrol car, injuring another officer, before the pickup's steering went out and it crashed into a retaining wall.

Williams tried to run, but was taken into custody and jailed on a long list of charges, including hit-and-run, criminal mischief and three counts of assaulting a police officer. The three injured officers were treated and released at a nearby hospital.

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