GOVERNMENT CAMP, Ore. -- Mount Hood got its first official snowfall of the season Tuesday. It may not have been enough to ski on, but it was a good start.

And even though some were ready for it, others were quite surprised by the sudden winter-like weather.

As we were going up, we were watching the temperature gauge on our car drop, drop, drop, said Paula Richardson, who was visiting Timberline Lodge from Wisconsin.

Richardson was not alone.

Many visitors came to the mountain wearing short-sleeved shirts and shorts, including a couple from Florida.

We don t have mountains in Florida. I just thought it would be a nice, scenic view - picturesque. I didn't expect a blizzard. This is a blizzard for me, it s beautiful though, but it s cold, said Austin Goodrich.

The first snow is also the first sign that ski season is around the corner.

The slopes at Mount Hood Meadows have just a light layer of snow right now, but managers think, with more storms in the forecast, they may be able to open early.

Our earliest opening ever was October 20th. Now, we re not saying we re going to be open October 20th but it can happen with this type of system building up for the winter, said Dave Tragethon with Mount Hood Meadows.

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