PORTLAND -- The man behind Oregon's Ballot Measure 5 has passed away.

Don McIntire was found dead in his Gresham home Friday morning of an apparent heart attack, according to his wife Romaine.

McIntire was a long-time tax activist best known for his role in leading Oregon s property tax revolt in 1990, culminating in the passage of Ballot Measure 5, which limited property taxes in Oregon.

McIntire was 74.

KXLradio talk show host Lars Larson called McIntire a hero to every Oregonian.

The tax reform measures advocated by McIntire polarized Oregonians. In 1990, Governor Barbara Roberts warned that people would die if Measure 5 passed, and Portland Schools Superintendent Matthew Prophet warned of the wave of pink slips for teachers that would result from the tax limits.

Measure 5 was narrowly approved by voters in 1990, with 574,833 votes in favor and 522,022 votes against.

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In tributes posted on a memorial page, Oregon Taxpayers United spokesperson Jason Williams wrote: One of the most common phone calls we received over 12 years was from senior citizens saying If it wasn t for Don McIntire I wouldn t be able to live in my home today in their heartfelt gratitude for Measure 5 property tax limitation. Those calls continued even like decades since the measure passed. That to me says it best. He fought government corruption.

Don McIntire was a giant in Oregon s limited government movement, said Steve Buckstein of the Cascade Policy Institute, He gave tirelessly of himself for literally decades to reign in the government he thought was too large and too intrusive. (Measure 5) saved Oregon property owners over five billion dollars in its first ten years alone. Every Oregonian who wants to keep government in check owes Don McIntire a huge debt of gratitude.

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