PORTLAND The City of Portland may soon decide on a proposal that would make it more expensive to grocery shop -- unless you bring your own bag.

One year after the initial plastic bag ban, the Bureau of Sustainability issued its report and the council will accept the bureau s report Wednesday.

It proposes to expand the plastic bag ban to all retailers and enable stores to charge customers for paper bags.

Proponents said the initial goal was to reduce the number of plastic bags from taking up landfill space or polluting natural environments.

The Northwest Grocery Association supports expanding ban to all retailers and adding a nickel per paper bag fee.

The city study showed since the ban, there was a 304 percent increase in customers who brought their own bags to shop.

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Since then, Eugene and Corvallis have been among the other Oregon cities adopting such bans.

Currently, the city bans plastic for large retailers that would be expanded to include all stores. A possible $.05 charge would also offset the increased cost to retailers, according to the bureau.

KGWReporterTimGordon contributed to this report

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