WILSONVILLE, Ore. Police are warning people to watch out for makeshift bombs placed in local parks and along trails, after four were already found at the Wilsonville Memorial Park.

Three of the homemade bombs were found over the weekend and one more on Monday. Police said they were volatile, but were safely disarmed by experts.

Police said the bombs look like discarded soda or water bottles.

There have been no reports of injuries.

Wilsonville Memorial Park is located at 8100 SW Wilsonville Road.

Anyone spotting one of the devices was urged to call police at (503) 655-8211 or public works at (503) 682-4092 to report the location of the suspicious item.

Earlier this month, police warned that volatile homemade bombs may have been placed in or around parks located in East Multnomah County.

These so called Drano Bombs are usually made in plastic drinking bottles, explained Fairview Chief of Police Ken Johnson. When picked up or moved, a chemical reaction takes place that can cause severe heat and an explosion that can injure or kill.

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The bombs were described as being made out of plastic bottles with caps on top. They would have liquid inside and may also contain aluminum foil.

Anyone noticing a plastic bottle matching this description in the Fairview area was urged to call police at (503) 823-3333.

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