PORTLAND Basketball superstar LeBron James gave Nike and the Ducks a boost on Twitter this week when he shared a photo of himself trying on one of the new uniforms.

James tweeted a shoutout for Nike, saying this year s Ducks uniforms are some of the best in the nation.

Ducks fans started re-tweeting the photo like crazy and it quickly went viral. (Actual Twitpic shown below.)

The Ducks debuted their new uniforms earlier this year. Nike said they were created to have enhanced thermoregulation and more durability with the lightweight, and breathable material used in both the jersey and pants.

Slideshow: Nike's latest Ducks uniforms

As for James, he currently plays for the Miami Heat.

He was at Nike headquarters on Monday, in Beaverton.

Nike has a line of basketball shoes that bear LeBron s name. The latest version comes embedded with motion sensors that can measure how high players jump.

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