PORTLAND -- Hayden Island residents fed up with a growing crime problem took to the streets with signs and T-shirts Saturday afternoon. They blame the rising crime statistics on a high number of bars and restaurants that have Oregon Lottery gambling machines.

It's on the west side of the freeway in an area they call lottery row. Only about 2000 residents live on Hayden Island, however, they have 107 gambling machines.

Bill Feldman who lives on the island claims downtown Portland has fewer of those same machines. He says crime on the island has skyrocketed as more and more gambling machines are installed on the island.

Because of break ins to cars, thefts of bicycles and burglaries, we've all added more lights and security to our homes and many elderly people are living in fear, said Feldman

Hayden Island residents are gathering 5,000 signatures. They plan to present their petition to Mayor Sam Adams and the Governor. They say the state must put more controls on what they call an out of control gambling spot.

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