PORTLAND - If there's one thing there is no shortage of in Portland, it's a craft beer.

But there is a shortage of finding a micro brew in a can. One local entrepreneur saw the need and filled it.

For nano and microbreweries, the cost of having their own canning operation is out the the question. It's just too expensive.

But now, the cannery comes to the brewery.

Justin Brandt started Northwest Canning because he couldn't find enough local craft beers in cans.

Most microbreweries need the mobile cannery only about once a month. It saves them money and the beer makers say beer is better in a can rather than a bottle, because light coming into a bottle can compromise the flavor.

With a $80,000 investment and plenty of research, he hit the road and is now traveling the Northwest helping small breweries expand.

The mobile cannery is a one-stop operation. Everything is provided, the people, the cans, the labels and of the filling and sealing of the cans.

The first Portland brewery to try the mobile cannery is Coalition Brewery on Southeast Ankeny.

We bring the labeled cans, we bring all the equipment and the labor, said Brandt.

Not only does it increase our production, but it will let us tackle other markets that we wouldn't be able to touch, noted Elan Walsky, partner with Coalition Brewing Company.

Coalition is actually canning almost twice as much beer than they first planned.

The supply is already sold to New Seasons, Zupans, Whole Foods and many of the specialty beer shops in Portland.

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