A poll jointly commissioned by KGW NewsChannel 8 and The Oregonian newspaper shows the race for Mayor of Portland in flux as the campaign heads into its final week.

The poll shows Charlie Hales leading with 29 percent, Jefferson Smith right behind at 28 percent and Eileen Brady trailing with 16 percent. Another 18 percent remained undecided and 4 percent would not say.

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The poll of 400 likely voters inPortland was conducted between May 2-6, after the Mayoral Debate at KGWStudios hosted by NewsChannel 8 and The Oregonian.

Polls prior to the debate had shown Hales and Brady running ahead and Smith trailing in third.

Of those polled 11 percent had already voted for Hales, 8 percent had voted for Smith and 4 percent had voted for Brady. Among those who had not yet voted but had made a firm decision, 17 percent said they planned to vote for Hales, and 17 percent said they planned to vote for Smith, while 8 percent said they planned to vote for Brady. Among likely voters who were leaning, 3 percent favored Smith, 3 percent favored Brady and 1 percent favored Hales.

In the race for Portland City Council, Amanda Fritz was outpacing Mary Nolan by 33 to 28 percent, with other candidates at 7 percent and 28 percent still undecided. Another 4 percent would not say.

When asked about which issues deserved more or less attention, a majority supported mainating streets and attracting new business, far fewer for bicycle amenities and rail projects.

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Of those polled, 48 percent were male and 52 percent were female. The poll was conducted by Elway Research, Inc.

After learning the results of the KGW/Oregonian poll, Neel Pender, senior advisor on the Eileen Brady for Mayor campaign, released this statement: Voters should ignore these results as irrelevant. Recent public polls have shown Eileen Brady consistently either leading or in a statistical tie for first. Just today, another independent poll was released with a larger sample and more recent data showing Brady not only in first, but winning by 7% among those who've actually voted. While the race is undoubtedly close, we remain confident that these poll results are inaccurate and that Eileen Brady will prevail on election day.

A KGW spokesperson said the station and The Oregonian stand behind the results of the poll, and that Elway Research is a respected firm with several decades of experience working with candidates across the west.

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