PORTLAND -- Federal agents found about $1 million in cash inside a Portland storage locker Wednesday, while investigating a scam involving a fake veteran's charity.

The cash was inside two suitcases that agents said were stashed in the locker, along with birth certificates, credit reports and other personal information used to steal identities, according to the FBI.

The suspect was arrested Monday night after being featured on America's Most Wanted. He goes by the name Bobby Thompson, although investigators have reason to believe that may not be his real name.

He was being held without bail for allegedly stealing millions of dollars meant for U.S. Navy veterans.

Background: Portland man arrested for charity fraud

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and U.S. Marshal Peter J. Elliott announced at a press conference in Cleveland on Tuesday that a tip led investigators to Thompson's Portland home, where he had been under surveillance for the past week.

Investigators believe Thompson stole as much as $2 million from Ohio residents -- and millions more from donors in 40 other states -- through a charity that he founded, the United States Navy Veterans Association. He's suspected of collecting the money for about five years beginning in 2005.

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