SALEM -- April 17th is not only tax filing day it s also Equal Pay Day. It s an annual effort to call attention to the nation's sex-related salary gap.

Some studies show working women have to work three-and-a-half months longer to achieve the same annual salary as working men.

In Oregon on average, women earn 77 cents to every dollar earned by a man. The average annual salary in the state for women is $32,540 compared to $42,390 for men.

Oregon ranks 25th in the nation for salary parity.

It s getting better, said Stephanie Vardavas for the Oregon Commission on Women. But she pointed out that the steps are small and the pace is slow.

The gap is closing only about a half cent a year. That means by the time the college class of 2012 achieves salary parity they would be 65, explained Vardavas.

She encouraged women to gather information and speak up about inequities.

No one is accusing employers of having evil motives. This is about everybody working together to get us closer to where we should be, Vardavas concluded.

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