PORTLAND, Ore. Rain and snowmelt had area rivers running full and in some cases over their banks, as sunshine finally set in on the area.

The Pudding River near Aurora and Canby spilled over its banks, mainly into low lying fields. Some property owners were surprised to see the flooding in April.

Tuesday looked to be the rainiest day of the week, forecasters said.

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It is way late in the year, like I said, I never seen it flood in March even, said Thomas Peterson, who has lived in a house of stilts along the Pudding River for 37 years.

At Willamette Falls in Oregon City, the brown muddy water was churned to white. The Willamette River flowed high and fast. The river flooded Clackamette Park, and people came out to see.

This is getting kind of scary ... getting high now, it s getting way up here, said Rick Joy.

And along the Columbia River, the water stayed within it s banks for the most part. Part of a walking path east of the Interstate Bridge in Vancouver, Washington was flooded and blocked to pedestrians.

Water levels in local rivers were expected to lower very slowly over the next several days.

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