PORTLAND - An historic photo of President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert was returned to Kells in downtown Portland Wednesday.

The staff at Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub in downtown Portland said the photo vanished during the St. Patrick'sDay weekend celebration. They noticed it missing March 18th and alerted news media, in hopes that it would be returned if they got the word out.

Sure enough, it re-appeared on Wednesday. A man told the Kells staff he was returning it for a friend.

He brought it back in a black plastic garbage bag and was quite remorseful, said Lucille McAleese, co-owner of Kells. He didn t even ask for the $1,000 reward. This is very encouraging to us and makes us very hopeful for society at large.

Kells owner Gerard McAleese said he bought the photo about 20 years ago from a shop on Market Street in San Francisco that had about a dozen of the photographer's Kennedy pictures on show.

The back of the photo has the time and place it was snapped, along with the photographer's mark. It is an original, taken in D.C.

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