GLADSTONE -- The city of Gladstone fired Lynne Benton last December for reasons unrelated to the officer's involvement in a reported murder-for-hire plot.

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Following an investigation by the Portland Police Bureau, Benton was fired for a fraudulent 1993 marriage to enable a Brazilian man to obtain U.S. citizenship, city officials said.

Benton also possessed and viewed porn on a police-issued laptop computer, officials said. Both violate conduct rules for police.

As a result of these findings, bearing in mind the gravity of each individually and collectively, it is no longer tenable for Lynn Benton to serve as a police officer with the City of Gladstone, wrote Chief James A. Pryde.

Gladstone officials said earlier only that Benton had been fired for allegations unrelated to the murder case.

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Benton has been linked to the death of her spouse, Deborah Lee Higbee-Benton. She allegedly hired Susan Campbell to kill her.

Higbee-Benton was found dead on May 28th and according to court papers, Campbell confessed.

Sgt. Benton's Oregon driver's license lists the gender as male, although Lynne was born as a woman. In court Benton has been referred to as both she and he and Higbee-Benton was described as the sergeant's estranged wife.

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