INDEPENDENCE, Ore. Rogue Ale lovers will have to wait until spring, to know whether some of their favorite beers will be affected by flooding of the brewer s Chatoe Rogue Hop Yard.

The farm near Independence was covered in as much as six feet of water for nearly two weeks, and parts of it still are.

There is debris, including large tree trunks, littering the land. The poles and cables on which the hops grow appear mostly undamaged. But the problem is the root systems in the ground, of the now-dormant hop plants.

The moisture could affect it and also a lack of oxygen, just having that much water on the root system, said Natasha Cronin of the Chatoe Rogue Micro Hop Yard.

Cronin and her husband live on the farm and help tend to the 40 acres of specialty aroma hops used in the premiere Oregon brewer s Chatoe line of beers.

They stuck it out through the flood, which isolated them on the farm for 11 days, with water running over the roadway. They watched the water rise and took care of the animals, including a dog, chickens and a pair of pot bellied pigs.

We were alright, we prepared and were safe ... and the farmhouse had been here for 1000 years and never flooded. So we got lots of food, read lots of books, did puzzles, watched TV, and we had plenty of beer, said Cronin.

Now that the water has mostly drained away, they will clean up the farm, and hope the hops grow tall this coming spring.

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