WASHINGTON, D.C. -- KGWNewsChannel 8's Tracy Barry was one of nine news anchors from across the country invited to the White House Tuesday to talk to PresidentBarackObama.

The local press outlets were invited as part of the administration's efforts to sell Obama's jobs plan, and explain the effects it may have in Oregon.

Photos:Tracy Barry at the White House

What I say to people, the steps we've taken have been the right ones, but we were in a very deep hole when I got into office, President Obama said. We've got more work to do. The key is to think about how we get the economy stronger in the short term.How do we create an economy where middle class Americans think that they've got a fair shake.

Obama said his jobs plan could create millions of jobs, and such efforts traditionally have received bi-partisan support.

People are right to be frustrated, he said, The economy is not where it should be. There are steps we can take now to put people back to work.

Another subject was the Occupy protests in Portland and around the country.

Our broad posture is, we understand the frustration... Wall Street needs to work by the same rules Main Street works by, President Obama said.

Obama also told KGW that his administration would take steps to protect green-based industries in the U.S. in competition with China.

In addition, Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood said that a large amount of federal money would be available for a new I-5 bridge but did not provide a more specific amount.

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