SISTERS, Ore. -- At the crest of the Cascade Range 15 miles west of Sisters, fire crews worked to stop the spread of the Shadow Lake fire, which grew to 5,500 acres, most of it still within the Mount Washington Wilderness.

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The Big Lake recreation area and a section of the Pacific Crest Trail remained closed, including a youth camp evacuated last Friday.

Crews were doing everything they could to save the Big Lake Youth Camp Wednesday.

When we saw the camp, we were like, 'okay, I guess we have to do something to help fight this or this camp is going to burn down and people like to use it, said firefighter Matteo Gouveia.

I feel kind of special saving these structures for all of these kids, added firefighter Glenn Jones.

Winds were pushing the fire west toward forests that have not burned in 200 years, said fire spokeswoman Katie Lighthall.

In southwestern Oregon, the Little Butte fire held pretty steady at 250 acres, most of it on the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest south of Fish Lake, said fires spokesman Brian Ballou.

There were also threats of lightning strikes for Wednesday night, which could spark even more wildfires in the area.

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