PORTLAND Warmer temperatures have also caused a surge in business along Portland s waterfront.

As the end of summer quickly approaches, people were taking advantage of the sunshine by shopping, eating and recreating along the Willamette River Saturday.

At Cool Moon Ice Cream, workers were serving a constant line of customers.

There has definitely been a line around the store all day because it s the first 90-degree day that we ve seen all summer, said ice cream scooper Malia Robinson.

At the young age of three, little Hazel Smith thought the fountains were the perfect place to be with her family. And she wasn t alone. Parks with water features were packed throughout the Portland Metro area.

Other, older outdoor recreationists were taking to the rivers.

It s been a successful weekend, which is nice, because it was a very long spring, said Andrew Romanelli with Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe. All of our rentals went out today. We were totally booked, unfortunately we had to send a lot of people away.

However, even though record profits and record heat were experienced outside, it seemed, most people didn t expect the heat to last.

At Ankeny Hardware store, customers weren t interested in emptying the shelves of fans or air conditioners.

It s not a good day for selling fans or air conditioners. If you have a weekend of 90-degree weather, we d be selling them, but for now, it s just a lost year for that sort of merchandise, explained Norman Chusid with Ankeny Hardware.

Chusid said most likely, the cooling products won t sell out this year and will instead go into storage for next summer.

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