MCMINNVILLE -- A storage building used by Evergreen International Aviation was destroyed by a two-alarm fire late Thursday night, with ruptured barrels of drums creating spectacular fireballs that could be seen for miles.

McMinnville Fire Department Investigator Debbie McDermott said crews were dispatched to Oregon 18 &Cruickshank Road around 7:40 p.m.

Fire officials said the structure will be a total loss, with costs exceeding $20 million.

Evergreen used the building as storage for inoperable helicopter parts, and possibly some future displays for the company's well-known Aviation &Space Museum, according to McMinnville Fire Chief Rich Leipfert.

The building was the only one of four side-by-side structures damaged by the blaze. They are retrofitted farm buildings, Leipfert said.

No one was injured in the fire, but crews were battling exploding drums full of flammable liquid inside the building. McDermott said two 55-gallon drums exploded, though she didn't know what was inside those drums.

VIDEO:Watch home video of smoke ring over the fire

Crews will continue to monitor the smoldering building, and Yamhill Co. Sheriff's volunteer deputies have cordoned off the area as a precaution.

McDermott said the building is still too hot to enter, but investigators anticipate returning in the morning.

McDermott added that the public is not at risk by anything that burned inside the building.

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