PORTLAND, Ore. -- Portland could ban plastic shopping bags at the city's bigger grocery stores as soon as Oct. 15 under an ordinance proposed by Mayor Sam Adams.

Mayor Adams had pressed for a plastic bag ban in the city last year but agreed to hold off to give the Oregon Legislature the chance to address the issue. Last month, the legislative session ended without taking action on the bag ban.

Mayor Adams told KGW he agreed to give the legislature a year to take action, and that year is up.

Plastic bags are a nuisance, jamming up recycling facility machines and costing those facilities tens of thousands of dollars a month in maintenance and labor to fix the mess, Mayor Adams said in announcing the ordinance.

Ten Portland-area Fred Meyer stores already banned plastic bags on August 1.

The Portland City Council is scheduled to consider the ordinance July 21, and is expected to approve the Mayor's plan.

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