PORTLAND -- Mayor Sam Adams said Friday that the mistaken use of lethal rounds instead of beanbag rounds in a Thursday officer-involved shooting was a tragic mistake and he wished a speedy recovery to the man who was shot.

Background: Police fire lethal shotgun rounds instead of beanbag

Chief Michael Reese the incident was a terrible tragedy. He said he spoke with the officer involved Thursday night and he certainly feels horrible. Reese said his thoughts and prayers go out to the man who was shot.

The two spoke at a press conference a day after police responded to a call of a drunken man with a knife harassing children in a park.

Adams also said the comments Friday were part of a bureau effort he instituted to have more transparency in communicating with citizens. A mistake was made, he said, and that information should be made clear.

Reese identified the man who was shot as William Kyle Monroe, 20, who was listed in critical condition as OHSU. He was hit with five pellets in the hip.

There are nine pellets in each of the lethal rounds, Reese said. It's unclear if the wounds came from just one, or several of the four rounds fired, he said.

The shooting was in the 3600 block of Southwest Barbur Boulevard. Dispatchers said the first 9-1-1 call came in around 9:55 a.m. about an intoxicated man harassing children at a summer camp in Lair Hill Park.

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Other calls said the man had a knife concealed up a sleeve, and that he had left the park.

Officers encountered a man several blocks away at Naito and Curry and one officer fired what was thought to be beanbag rounds.

Lethal rounds are red and blue and less lethal rounds are yellow and clear in color. Officers are required to also do a safety check and load the weapon at the beginning of their shift, according to police spokesman Lt. Robert King.

At the press conference, police displayed to the two shotguns police use. Both are the same make. Both use the same size of shells, whether beanbag or lethal. The bean bag shotgun has a bright orange stock and pump lever. The orange stock has the words 'Less Lethal' on it.

The officer who fired the rounds is a 15-year bureau veteran and was placed on paid administrative leave. He was not identified by the bureau.

On Friday, the Portland Police Association union issued a statement that read We stand in support of Officer (Dane) Reister as he goes through this difficult process in regards to yesterday's incident. As the PPA, we look forward to a positive resolution to this unfortunate occurrence.

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