PORTLAND -- Eight million gallons of water down the drain. It's happening this week at Portland's Mt. Tabor reservoir thanks to one man's potty break.

A Molalla man who admitted to NewsChannel 8 he was a little drunk when he decided to urinate in Reservoir One early Wednesday morning.

It was captured on surveillance video. Security guards busted 21-year-old Josh Seater on the spot.

The Portland Water Bureau decided to drain the drinking water -not because there's a health risk, but because customers might think it's yucky. This, despite dead animals and other objects appearing in the reservoirs often without any such action taken.

There probably isn't a whole lot of difference, explained David Shaff, the Water Bureau's Administrator. I think part of it is just that general yuck factor of 'yes, we have birds on their all the time but we don't have people peeing in it all the time.'

Many park users informally polled by NewsChannel 8 were disappointed to hear the City is spending more than $30,000 dumping the water into the sewer system. Shaff says if there was a drought occurring, he probably would've made a different decision.

Things will go back to normal after water testing in a few days.

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