PORTLAND -- A local doctor is back in Oregon after more than two weeks in Libya.Dr. Omar Reda delivered nearly $500,000 worth of medical supplies on behalf of Medical Teams International.

The medicine came at a perfect time, said Reda. There were fresh casualties, fresh injuries, young people shot in the head.

Reda toured an emergency room at one Libyan hospital. He came across a boy who was brain dead from a gunshot wound to his head.

Can't do anything but rub his hair or say thank you, said Reda. This is a young boy who had no guilt or faults.

Reda also checked in with his own family in Libya. Some were doing well, but not everybody. Reda saidMuammar Gaddafi's troops kidnapped hisbrother.

I think he's still alive, said Reda. But we're pretty sure Mr.Gaddafi will execute everybody in that compound because they know too much.

It is that ideology that left Reda with mixed feelings when he left his homeland and returned to Oregon.

It was a huge relief, said Reda. But at the same time you are very grateful they're (Reda's daughters and wife) in a safe country.

Reda hopes to return to Libya in the near future. In the meantime, he will look into fundraising efforts and ensure that Oregonians are aware of what is happening there.

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